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GM Modular through their new energy meter promoting Green

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Jayanth Jain Jayanth Jain

As the modern world demands responsibility towards the environment by utilising and conserving

the available resources efficiently the GM Modular has come up with new energy meter which will serve as the central component for comprehensive energy management in residential, commercial or industrial properties. Now the optimization of your energy consumption is in your hands. The new energy meter allows the recoded data to be displayed, saved, evaluated or processed. This not only helps in conserving the resource but also contributes in reducing costs.

The new product launched by GM is Wi-Fi Router plus Extender which is thoughtfully designed for the homes, offices and hotels. It is simply one of the world’s most innovative, small and yet powerful router, lending you the convenience of getting access to the internet without any hassle. The device goes flushed inside the wall like any of GM’s switch panel. It also lends the functionality of Wi-Fi extender, offering the convenient access to Wi-Fi range in places with limited connectivity.

Apart from Wi-Fi technology the company has also introduced the new Wi-Fi switches that will bring even closer to the world of revolution where one can experience the way of life with just a touch of a button. The GM i-Fi and i-Touch Wi-Fi switches is a smart technology of the internet age. With i-Fi switches one can control their lights, fans and blinds and turn other appliances on/off and monitor their behaviour with a Wi-Fi or 4G connection through the GM i-Fi- App from wherever you are in the world using a tablet or smart phone.
With a router and Wi-Fi connection you can now control your home electrical devices like television, air conditioning, lights, curtains, security-sensing devices, security alarm system etc. When one is away from home and office, what one need is a cell phone or a computer and any internet connectivity and that communicates to the home network that further controls the devices. Now one can easily control the real-time situation at home, experiencing the wonders of technology at its best.

Jayanth Jain, CEO of GM Modular said, “We always give attention to the innovations and new technology. We keep on giving the glimpses of our products to the customers so that they can think of our products in future. We also make our clients know what path our company is taking to provide more innovations as well as sustainable living.”

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