Reinventing to create true ‘brand of cool’ space

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Principal Designer, Shabnam Gupta Principal Designer, Shabnam Gupta

The Orange Lane’s inspiration of the iconic design project was inspired by a “Greenhouse”. The structure was thus industrially designed internally with bursts of colour in the midst of a busy corporate backdrop.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The client wished to continue the design of an Industrial look and feel to the space which is the style followed across all the outlets of this brand. This Project attempts to amalgamate a warehouse look with the design inspiration of a greenhouse. The idea was to create a vibrant space that is a bustling with fresh energy. 

CONCEPT: Insert of Greens within the Industrial Impact

Industrial Design was showcased with the use of neutral tones, concrete tunnels, kavlu wall, exposed concrete wall, utilitarian objects, exposed ceiling showing ac ducts and pipes, wood and metal surfaces and organic paintings. The treatment of the space was derived from a lot of play of materials which gave the space a raw, unfinished look.

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