The Vrindavan Project

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Ranjeet Mukherjee & Shreenu Mukherjee Ranjeet Mukherjee & Shreenu Mukherjee

Ranjeet Mukherjee and Shreenu Mukherjee

Introduce your firm
Our design practice is to be an evolving process, which grows organically and adapts to each task with complete flexibility. The overall resultant continuum is a "Project" in itself; as the studio is not to be static or set in any particular form. "Vrindavan" is a reference to the Divine abode; a place of His youth and creative field of action; therefore… "The Vrindavan Project"

Your journey so far?
Shreenu Mukherjee is an Interior Designer; who graduated from L.S. Raheja College of Arts & Commerce. She worked on various projects in Mumbai for seven years, before moving to Auroville, Tamil Nadu; while seeking to explore ecologically appropriate design and construction techniques. Here she founded ‘The Vrindavan Project’ with her partner Ranjeet; a graduate from The Faculty of Architecture, CEPT University, Ahmedabad. Having collaborated on a number of sustainable projects in the south, they moved to an eleven acre mango orchard in rural Maharashtra; to spend two years on site, creating a rammed earth farm home for the Bhatia family. Upon completing and publishing this building, their design studio dropped anchor at Palam Vihar, Gurgaon from where they built and published Crunch Patisserie. Other ongoing projects are being executed at diverse locations at various scales, and stages of work.

Which kind of projects challenges you? What is your dream project?
All projects are challenging in their own unique manner. We try to focus on the "people" involved with any given work. Whether its is the client, contractor, material suppliers or workers on site; in essence the whole process is all about the people. Harmoniously synthesizing such a diverse range of personalities, while integrating their varied or diverging ideas and aspirations, defines the complexity of design. Fortunately our dream works are already underway. Hopefully, in time these dreams will evolve.

Where do you see the architectural industry trends in the next decade?
Architecture over the next decade will have specific directions, dependent upon context. The developed world and the developing world, will inevitably approach development, from very different perspectives. Sustainability and ecological sensitivity is already a primary concern for humanity as a whole. However INEQUALITY, is a fundamental crisis that has not yet found center stage in mainstream Architectural discourse. This massive wealth gap between the few global elite (less than a hundred individuals on Earth) who control more than half the resources on our planet, and the rest of our population; is at the root of all issues plaguing societies today. This situation will have to be resolved by Design in time.

Your architectural role model?
Laurie Baker

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