Bathroom has become smart bathroom

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Asutosh Shah Asutosh Shah

Government Initiative will play a critical role in driving the Bathroom Fittings and Sanitary Ware Industry. It has been witnessed that sanitation conditions have improved in India.

The increasing per capita disposable income coupled with government programs for educating households about safe sanitation is fueling the demand for Sanitary Ware in India. ASUTOSH SHAH, Managing Director,  Duravit India Pvt Ltd.


Let us know the overview of the bathroom fittings and sanitary ware market globally?
Not so very long ago, the bathroom was a place that you designed in a sober manner and visited as briefly as possible. It was frequently referred to simply as the wet room and it lived up to its name. Today, things are very different the bathroom is the place where we can be at one with ourselves and relish a moment away from the daily hustle and bustle.
Bathroom has become smart bathroom. Products like Hand Dryers, Touchless Cisterns, Faucets, Soap Dispensers and Smart Toilets are changing the business trend globally.
Growing infrastructures, awareness for personal hygiene and love for design and technology are driving the market for sanitary ware and bathroom fitting products. Also, changing consumer preferences are boosting the development of new luxury sanitary wares like private spas, shower systems, saunas, and larger baths among others. Asia Pacific leads in the production of ceramic sanitary wares due to low cost manufacturing and the presence of a large number of small and medium players in these regions. Asia Pacific region holds the maximum market share, followed by Europe, South America and North America. The global market for ceramic sanitary ware and bathroom fittings is set to grow due to the changing lifestyle, increasing spending on hygiene, and growth in real estate market. With the passing time, ceramic sanitary products are valued as lifestyle products.


Give us more information about various ranges of products from the house of Duravit?
At Duravit we offer Sanitaryware, bathroom furniture, bathtubs, shower trays, wellness products and accessories. Duravit products are synonymous with beauty, quality and technology.Our products are designed by international designers keeping future trends in mind.
Duravit products are classified in three levels
Finest Art Cape Cod, Series 1930, Stark 1.
Superior 2nd floor, Happy D.2, Puravida.
Premium Architec, Darling New, Delos, Durastyle, Fogo, Ketho, L-Cube, ME by Starck, P3 Comforts, Starck 2, Starck 3 , Vero, X-Large.
Duravit has divided the bathroom into four functional areas: washing, bathing, showering and toileshing. Four areas for which Duravit offers well-conceived, harmonized products in a consistent design language. This new approach makes bathroom planning easier for professionals and customers alike.

Inform us about the new innovations and ideas which will be providing customers satisfaction and delight?
As company is dedicated to innovation, Duravit sees things a little differently. We have achieved the best results, not simply keeping abreast of the times, but by constantly reinventing ourselves and our products. Numerous technical innovations and practical developments such as Sensowash, HygieneGlaz ceramic and rimless toilets serve as testimony to the innovative strength of our brand.

Where does the Duravit place itself in bathroom fittings and sanitary ware competition from its competitor?
Duravit has been a leader in the evolution of the modern bathroom for nearly 200 years. We don’t just make sanitaryware, we identify the trends of tomorrow and present them today. Three unique thing about Duravit the design brand, first it has been the proud recipient of numerous international design awards and these awards celebrate bold design, which has become our hallmark over the years. Second our designers themselves, each designer is a specialist in his field and a prominent global innovator with an inherent sense for good design. Our designers are in par with excellence they never interested in the design for the sake of it and the last is customers and their own set of needs and requirements. Thanks to an ongoing dialogue with its trade partners and sanitary ware dealers. We at Duravit recognizes good bathroom design by the fact that it seems specially created to suit all individual tastes.

What percentage of market shares in bathroom fittings and sanitary ware is hold by the Duravit?
We are operating in the premium end of the market, which is approximately the top 15 per cent of the overall market. In India, housing and institutional sectors are the major growth drivers. The demand results from new projects and design savvy consumers. We are happy that people have started considering bathroom as one the integral aspect of interiors

What will be your demands from the government to make the bathroom fittings and sanitary ware market more profitable in India?
Government initiative will definitely play a critical role in driving the ceramic industry in India. It has been witnessed that sanitation conditions have improved in India. The increasing per capita disposable income coupled with government programs for educating households about safe sanitation are fueling the demand for sanitary ware in India.

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