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Architectural hardware products make its presence felt in Façade and fenestration industry

The resounding success of any architectural project depends upon its component use by an architect. Today architectural products became one of the key ingredients to success of a project. Knobs, hinges, connectors, door levers, locks, latches are all became unique selling point to customers. Traditionally doors and windows has been displayed and retailed in same old routine process leaving limited options for the consumers. In order to overcome this problem the architectural products industry has evolved over the years and now showcase technical performance, aesthetic appeal and value for money. Quality hardware gives the finishing touch to windows and doors to look it more elegant and more effectiveness.
To encourage discerning customers to go “architectural hardware shopping,” the manufacturers have invested in R&D to come up with products that is not only technically advanced but adds value to the looks of windows and doors. Trends are moving faster than ever and to keep up with fast changing trend or being a trend setter, hardware manufacturers are differentiating themselves through value added terms. Designers are now searching for new and creative ways to do more with less. Customers do not want to see bulky hardware on their buildings, doors etc. less is more- is the latest trend yet delivering superior safety, security and convenience for the designers and users alike.
The role of doors and windows has broadened beyond of its core value and architectural products play a major role in this repositioning. The role of windows and doors has changed to a large extent to provide water resistance, sound proof, thermal insulation, wind resistance, termite resistance etc. All these roles can only be achieved by installing right hardware of latest advancement. Door levers, knobs, hinges, locks, floor springs and other accessories when installed; enable such role of smooth functionality while providing elegancy to the product. These architectural products mainly made up of Stainless steel, aluminum and zinc. However demand of aluminum is always high due to its light weight, quality finish while being economical.
Based on customer insight, architectural hardware manufacturer are bound to make customized hardware. These manufactures also want to catch architect’s eye by adding value not just limited to functions of doors and windows but also to the interior of the house. While these hardware products play central role to the system, it is equally important to use right product at right place. Like Patch fittings should enable conception of glass assemblies that suit the idea of functionality, door levers and locks should guarantee to meet all types of visual and functional requirements and bolt and hinges system should provide flexibility of installing large or small windows or doors with convenience and functionality in day-to-day use.
Hardware is also moving towards digitalization. Home automation is poised to become the next big thing in India. Electronics have become part of fenestration. Door and window sensors make up the grit of any home security system. Operating windows and doors via mobile apps is common now days. Changes in modern fenestration are because of lifestyle choice.  The growth of Indian Façade and Fenestration industry is directly linked to the construction industry. Also, there is an enormous space and extent for growth, given people in tier 2 and tier 3 cities are increasingly getting exposed to better products, apart from rapid urbanization happening in vicinity of metropolitan cities. In terms of Innovation it is interesting to see what future holds for this segment.

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